Moleskine atelier

Over 60 projects in 2018 and more than 40 installation all over Europe

An overview of a complete service offered by Quadra that goes from the implementation of the brief to the installation at the point of sale.

Quadra on the road

A quick view of sites involved in the Moleskine atelier program for 2018.
13 Counties
over 60 projects
over 40 productions and installations

shop-in-shop request sent to Moleskine and agreed with the point of sale

Every single project arises from a need of our client that requires us to prepare a project for a possible new shop in shop

Site Survey

Our work begins with the scheduling of an inspection to verify the measures and check that there are no impediments to the realization of the project. It is also an opportunity to learn about the needs of the sales point and understand any problems related to future logistics and assembly.

Technical drawings

For each project a technical plant is created that illustrates what will be achieved. The technical project is discussed with the client who, at this stage, compares the drawings with his exhibition needs

Pre-render and project discussion

In this phase a pre-rendering is carried out which is the last verification step with the customer before proceeding with the actual renderings to be presented at the point of sale for final approval.

Final project – renderings

Renderings are made with specific programs and accompanied by descriptions so that the store can have a clear feeling of what will be achieved.


Approved project is carried out within the company using modern machinery and combining metal, wood and plastic materials customized according to the needs through digital printing


Let’s go! Once the production phase is over, the material packaged and loaded in the vans is entrusted to our teams who, starting from our premises, transport the materials to their destination


The installation takes place at the point of sale through specialized teams that, in the shortest time possible and creating the least possible inconvenience for the point of sale, assemble the items as in the renders

Moleskine Shop in Shop

An example of finished work

Moleskine Shop in Shop

An example of finished work

Moleskine Shop in Shop

Average implementation time: 40 days from point of sales first request to installation. 
All this was possible thanks to a strong collaboration with the visual team of moleskine

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